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About Inhairitance

Greetings, I am Hair Extraordinaire Makeba Evans….

At Inhairitance, our main objective is to educate about the health of your hair.

Deep conditioners, trims, exercise, proper diet and water intake are essential in maintaining a healthy head of hair

Healthy Hair

We are all blessed with one head of hair.

As we try different hairstyles, we may change the hair itself with chemicals services like color, perms and relaxers.

We can also change the ability of the hair to continue to grow out of your follicle.

This occurs by wearing tight ponytails, braids, various hair extension techniques, wigs, etc.

To achieve a head of healthy hair, you must take on the bulk of that responsibility at home.

We provide suggestions to help you keep your hair healthy and on your head.


Hair Extraordinaire

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