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Greetings, I Am Makeba

I have been a licensed professional hair stylist since 1994.

Having the pleasure of working in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Atlanta and California.

I take care of and maintain chemically treated hair (relaxed and colored),

natural hair (silk pressed), cut and style a variety of hair lengths, densities and textures.

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 My main focus is,

to share the knowledge needed to help

my clients maintain a healthy head of hair.

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 I am enjoying the ever changing technologies in the beauty industry.

During my years of styling hair, I embrace the trendsmakeba photosohot w

that come and go and use them as I see fit.


Over The Years

I see too many of us not taking care of our hair.

We all have different textures, lengths and hair densities.

I feed my clients the knowledge that is needed to maintain the

healthiest head of hair that their genetic makeup and lifestyle will allow.

Model with straight highlighted hair                                                                  Schedule your appointment and see you in the hot seat.



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