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Greetings, I Am Makeba

I have been a licensed professional hairstylist since 1994.

Having the pleasure of working in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Atlanta, and California.

I take care of and maintain chemically treated hair (relaxed and colored),

natural hair (silk pressed), cut and style a variety of hair lengths, densities, and textures.

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 My main focus is

to share the knowledge needed to help

my clients maintain a healthy head of hair.

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 I am enjoying the ever-changing technologies in the beauty industry.

During my years of styling hair, I embrace the trendsmakeba photosohot w

that come and go and use them as I see fit.

Over The Years

I see too many of us not taking care of our hair.

We all have different textures, lengths and hair densities.

I feed my viewers the knowledge that is needed to maintain the

healthiest head of hair that their genetic makeup and lifestyle will allow.


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