Hair Loss Often Caused By Stressing Your Scalp

hair loss from friction damage

Taking Our Hair For Granted

A protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis is better known as hair. When not taking care of properly, we can have hair loss. Hair comes in many different colors, textures, densities and lengths. Hair’s main purpose is to insulate, protect, and be a buffer of friction.

For so many years, humans have used hair as a form of individuality and expression. We cut it to look more stylish and trendy. We color it to be fashionable or to simply cover our grays for a more youthful look. As we are using our hair as a reflection of our identity, we often put it in stressful situations that cause hair loss.

Hair Loss Is Preventable

As a licensed and professional hair stylist for 23 years, I have sensible conversations with people about causing unnecessary stress to their follicles and hair. People treat their hair like rope or a vine that Tarzan swings from. Our hair is fragile and will shatter and break, just like a spider’s web when a baseball is thrown threw it.

So, why do we put our precious hair through such turmoil? It is possible to damage the follicle in such a way that it will die and close up the hair production shop. Is fashion and vanity worth the consequence of losing hair? Doctors have a term for it, friction alopecia.

Listen to you body. If you see signs of damage and stress. Do something different to your hair.

STOP taking your hair for granted.

STOP wearing tight braids. Too Much Stress. Hair Loss Follows

     very tight box braids
Detailed Tight Braids

Hair Loss Often Occurs When Wigs Are Worn

STOP wearing these lace and regular wigs. The wigs rub the hairline and decrease the scalps ability to breath. Improper removal of the adhesive causes a lot of damage, especially if the wig was not installed properly.

Beautiful lace wig


Burning your hair also causes hair loss.

STOP curling and/or using a ceramic iron on your hair every day.
Invest in a better quality curling or ceramic iron. The trick to not burning your hair, is to start straightening or curling your hair at a lower setting vs the highest. Start low and increase the heat setting if your hair is not curling or straightening at that lower setting. There are a couple of ceramic irons that I would suggest. I prefer FHI Heat or H2Pro:

Here is a link to purchase either or

FHI Heat

 and H2Pro

Fortunately, this does not damage the follicle. A good hair cut, deep conditioning treatments, consistently having your ends trimmed and throwing that curler/straightener away will have your hair looking and feeling healthy again.

Burned Hair

Curling iron

STOP purchasing cheap curling and ceramic irons.

Unhealthy heat burns hair as it curls and straightens.

Listen to your body.

If you see signs of damage and stress.

Do something different to help your hairs do scalp.


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