Lace Wigs and Frontals

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I Foresee a Nation of Balder Women

Yes, Yes….It was NOT hard, I found some images of terrible, bad and not cute lace wigs and frontals. The ugliest and most damaging installs are done by everyday people who see the celebs rocking them. They want to wear the clothes and wear the hair. The thing is ladies, the celebs have their wigs applied with more care than you do at home.

The outcome will be and is a land full of ladies with baldness around their hairline.

Lace Wigs in the World

Wigs have been worn since the days of Ancient Egypt. They have always been worn as a form of fashion and style. Often to show nobility and wealth. Now everyone and their mommy can order a lace wig and adhesive online or purchase one in any local beauty supply store.

What is happening is women are tearing their hair out wherever the adhesive was placed. Some people try to avoid touching the least amount of their hair as possible by attaching the wig down further on the forehead.

bad lace wig installed low on the forehead     bad lace wig installed low on the forehead bad lace wig installed low on the forehead  

How A Lace Wig Install Looks

lace wig install

Her hairline, like most human beings, is properly framing her face.

In order to miss not applying adhesive on any of her REAL hair, the piece would have to come down too low to appear like it grew from her head.

I DO KNOW HAIR STYLIST THAT CAN PROPERLY INSTALL A WIG. The issue, that people have is paying for the service.

So, they improperly attach the hair themselves. Or let someone who does not care about the damage they are causing attach it.

Celebs With Lace Wigs

Below are images of celebrities and their lace wig issues.


Beyonce and Ciara lace wig

Rihanna and Nicki bad lace wig

tamar and kim bad lace wig images

Below are a couple links with more celebs and their wig worries.



Let it go….If you don’t want to be bald for any amount of time….like the rest of your life.

Some damage to the scalp cannot be restored.

You should be scared.

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