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I am Makeba. I have been a licensed, professional hair stylist in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Atlanta. This is one of the only career fields that cannot be replaced by automation. What will be the unfortunate demise of this industry are the bootleg hair styles done with the MISEDUCATION of selfish hair stylists that will scare a client from the salon, YouTube videos, and kitchen beauticians.

It is expected for someone who thinks they know what they are doing, to damage their own hair. Worse yet, is a licensed hair stylist that is only concerned with the hairstyle and not the integrity of the client’s hair. You must take the care of your hair into your own hands. Honestly, most of the damage done is done at home with curling irons that are too hot, products that have too much alcohol in them, not drinking enough water and improper diet. All of these things you have control of. 

We are ONLY blessed with one head of hair. Many people treat the hair like rope. Hair will lose every single time. And once the cuticle is gone, it is gone. Wigs, weaves, tight braids, and ponytails can look good, sometimes. They are not as good as you properly taking care of your hair.

In my posts, I will have images, words links and videos to share my views and suggestions on things in the beauty industry.

If you have questions, I will answer them to the best of my ability as a professional. I am not in the business of giving professional advice to people about chemical treatments. Everything else is good to be discussed.


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