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Straightening Naturally Curly Hair and Its History

straightened naturally curly hair

The History of Straightening Naturally Curly Hair The Pressing Comb When I stepped behind my first chair in 1994, a pressing comb was what we used in straightening naturally curly hair. The unpredictable heat from the stove could leave the comb too hot, which could singe the hair. A good and responsible

Hair Loss Often Caused By Stressing Your Scalp

hair loss from friction damage

Taking Our Hair For Granted A protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis is better known as hair. When not taking care of properly, we can have hair loss. Hair comes in many different colors, textures, densities and lengths. Hair's main purpose is to insulate, protect, and be a buffer

Makeba Says

makeba standing in a red jumper

I AM MAKEBA I am Makeba. I have been a licensed, professional hair stylist in Las Vegas, New Orleans and Atlanta. This is one of the only career fields that cannot be replaced by automation. What will be the unfortunate demise of this industry are the bootleg hair styles done with