Below are videos of my work. 

I have sped up videos of color, hair cuts and hair extensions.

As a Hair Extraordiare with 20 plus years under my belt, I have many conversations about what clients want done to their hair.

As you know, we cannot and often should not have what we want. Some styles may not fit our face. 

Maybe we work out a lot or sweat in our head and the style will not go well with our lifestyle. 

Just watch videos to hear my experiences.


My client wanted a new gorgeous and liberating new look. We remove half of her hair in most areas of her head.

My client is natural. She colors her hair at home and comes in for deep conditioning treatments, trims and soft flowing curls.

The protective style of choice for my client are hair extensions. I show how to create soft curls.

My client wanted to remove her damaged ends and create a new hairstyle to accentuate her gorgeous look. 

I chopped and created her new style to suit her lifestyle. 

My client has natural hair. I silked her hair out straight and created this new look. 

 I cut 4″ – 5″ from my client’s hair to shape the blunt cut she desired. 

I then layered and softly curled her hair. 

This is a protective style my client desired to wear as she grew her relaxer out.

We added commercial hair with highlights for length and thickness.

My client was to cut her hair off for a new look. 

This client wanted to add some highlights.

My client wanted highlights and a new cut.

My client wanted additional length and thickness. We added a partial head of hair extensions.

I also sit under the hydration machine for added moisture to my hair.


I speak a bit on how clients do not want to take care of their hair and come to the salon expecting something short of a miracle.

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